Kadhim Mohan Manhil1, Iman Hadi Alfayyadh2,
Amany SH. Jaber2 and Saad S. Hamim2

 1Department of Medicine-Collage of medicine-The-qar University, Iraq.
2Department of pathological analysis- Collage of Science- Thi-qar University, Iraq.


This study aimed to investigate the way the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis in the province of Thi-qar. Which included the expense of the number of patients infected with the disease in thoracic diseases center in the province and the manner of dealing with and the effectiveness of the three-year therapy (2013,2014,2015). It was reached a situation improved between the years where we note a decrease in the number of casualties, which numbered 255 patients in 2013 and 174 patients in 2014 Om 167 patients in 2015. Maybe it was due to the patient’s commitment to DOTS adopted by the Iraqi Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization system. Or increasing the health awareness of the community and its attention to personal hygiene.

Keywords: Treatment, Tuberculosis, Thi-Qar.