Rasha Hadi Saleh1, Eman Fadhel Abd Al-Hussien2
and Zaytoon Abulrdia Ighawish3

1College of  Pharmacy, University of Babylon, Iraq.
2College of Biotechnology, Al-Qasim Green University, Iraq.
3College  of Medicine Babylon, University of Babylon, Iraq.


Cytomegalovirus1(CMV)i is one of the essential causes o of intrauterine contagions. The contagion is commonly asymptomatic in immunocompotent adults, but its import in various  times elevated when it happens throughout pregnancy. Pregnant women  with CMV i infection can be responsible for abortion  or congenital malformation.  This subject was aimed to estimate the prevalence of cytomegalovirus virus amid pregnant women in Babylon province and evaluation of some haematological and immunological parameters in women infected with CMV. The study was conducted on (145) pregnant women referred to the Babylon Teaching Hospital for Maternity and Children to investigate the prevalence of Cytomegalovirus in Babylon province. Overall of  (145) pregnant women was contained in this study, CMV specific IgM and IgG antibody were detected by minividas-test. Blood hemoglobin (Hb) concentration, neutrophil and lymphocyte accounts were determinate. Single radial immune diffusion plates were used for assessment of  C3 and C41 level in infected women. Among 145 pregnant women were evaluated for CMV, (95.1%) were positive toward I IgG and (4.1%) were positive toward I IgM. Most of CMV infections  among women with age ranging between 20-29 years. It was found that there was a increase in the lymphocyte count  and complement components C3 and decrease in the C4 level  among CMV patients compared to control group, while haemoglobin and neutrophile level appeared normal. This study summarized that there are  increasing seropositivity rate for r human cytomegalovirus amid pregnant  women The prevalence of CMV was relatively high in our locality.

Keywords: CMV, IgM, IgG. Pregnant women, Babylon.