Journal of Pure and Applied MicrobiologyVol. 1 No. 2

Response of Cyanobacteria at Different Levels of Mineral Nitrogen and Moisture on Performance of Paddy

Tapas Chowdhury1, S.B. Gupta1*, G.K. Das2, M.K. Pradhan3, Alok Tiwari4 and K. Tedia4

1Department of Microbiology, 2Department of Agronomy, 3Department of Statistics, Mathematics and Computer Science, 4Department of Soil Science, Indira Gandhi Krishi Vishwavidyalaya, Raipur - 492 006, India.

Received on 19 April 2007 and accepted on 22 May 2007



A field study was performed to evaluate the response of cyanobacterial inoculation with three doses of mineral nitrogen (30,60 and 90kg N/ ha) and two moisture levels (continuous submergence and alternate drying and wetting) on yield, yield-attributing character of Kharif rice and post harvest organic carbon status of soil. It appears from the statistical analysis that the algal inoculation significantly increased the number of tillers and biomass accumulation of paddy. It was further investigated that BGA shown its better response at lower level of nitrogen (30k N ha). The impact of continuous submergence has clearly shown its positive effect on soil organic status but it did not make any significant difference on yield and yield attributing characters over wetting and drying.

Keywords : Blue green algae, N levels and moisture levels.