Journal of Pure and Applied MicrobiologyVol. 9 No. 2

Studies on Powdery Mildew of Rapeseed- Mustard (Brassica juncea L.) Caused by Erysiphe cruciferarum and Its Management

Sonit Kumar1, Dalel Singh2*, Satguru Prasad Yadav1 and Rajendra Prasad1

1 Department of Plant Pathology, Chandra Shekhar Azad University of Agriculture and Technology, Kanpur - 208001, India. 2Department of Mycology and Plant Pathology, Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi - 221005, India.

Received on 17 March 2015 and accepted on 24 April 2015



Out of tested ten treatments of fungicides, bioagents and nutrients seed treatments iprodione +carbendazim (1:1)@ 2g/kg seed, was found to be most effective in reducing disease intensity with increasing yield and 1000 seed weight, followed by removal of three lower leaves. ZnSO4+ sulphur as per recommendation was the most effective fungicide for the management of powdery mildew disease.

Keywords : Erysiphe cruciferarum, powdery mildew, mustard, fungicides, management.