Journal of Pure and Applied MicrobiologyVol. 9 No. 2

Activity Guided Optimization of Medium Components for Enhanced Production of Vinca Alkaloids by Endophyte

A. Garg, T. Saify, Gary Strobel, H. Kachchhava, R.T. Rowlands, N. Parikh, B.D. Patil and R. Srivastava

RPG Life Sciences India. 2702/A GIDC Ankleshwar Gujarat, India.

Received on 18 April 2015 and accepted on 06 May 2015



An endophyte isolated and identified to produce Vinca alkaloid is evaluated with various media combinations for enhanced production. Commercially used carbon and nitrogen sources in various combinations were tried along with combinations of macro elements, hormones and inducers. The best media recipe indicated an enhanced titer of 115?g/L against the control titer of 80?g/L.

Keywords : Endophyte, Vinblastine, Vincristine, Vinca, Catharanthus, Media Optimization.