Journal of Pure and Applied MicrobiologyVol. 9 No. 2

Isolation and Screening of Cellulose Degrading Microorganisms and Evaluation of its Cellulolytic Activity

Viraj Krishna Mishra1, Vishwa Rawat, Satish Rana and J. Dubey

Department of Biotechnology Engineering, Ambala College of Engineering and Applied Research, Devsthali, Haryana, India.

Received on 11 March 2015 and accepted on 03 May 2015



Cellulose degrading bacteria and fungi were isolated from humous soil, pond water, plants and guts of cellulose feeding invertebrates (locusts and termites) on PDA and NA media. Growth of isolates was also observed on paper with minimal media. Cellulolytic activity was measured by measuring the clear zone around the colonies and calculating the hydrolytic value of the isolates on Congo Red Agar Medium. Highest Hydrolytic Capacity (HC) value was shown by fungal isolate FW .FPCase (Filter paper cellulose) activity ranged from 0.080-0.104IU/mL for bacteria and 0.108-354IU/mL for fungi. CMCase activity ranged from 0.243 to 0.370 IU/mL for bacterial isolates and 0.308-0.528IU/mL for fungal isolates.

Keywords : Hydrolytic capacity (HC), FPCase activity ,CMCase activity, Cellulose.