Journal of Pure and Applied MicrobiologyVol. 9 No. 1

Deletion Analysis of Tomato Leaf Curl Virus PRKT17 Promoter

Gunjan Bharti, P.U. Krishnaraj and Ramesh Bhat

Department of Biotechnology, College of Agriculture, Dharwad, University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad - 05, Karnataka.

Received on 02 August 2014 and accepted on 31 October 2014



In order to define the define the minimal region of PRKT17 promoter previously isolated necessary for activity, deletions were carried out from 5? end of PRKT17 promoter based on the basic characteristics of promoters. Taking this as a reference A3 was designed. The E.coli clone pGBK111 containing A3 region could derive the resistance of E coli. to level of 250?g per ml of chloramphenicol.

Keywords : Deletion, Promoter, Region.