Journal of Pure and Applied MicrobiologyVol. 9 No. 1

Acidogenic Fermentation of Long Chain Fatty Acids (LCFA) Rich Wastewater

G. Selvam1 and A. Ganesh Kumar2*

1Department of Environmental Engineering, Sathyabama University, India. 2Marine Biotechnology Division, NIOT, Pallikaranai, Chennai - 600 100, India.

Received on 23 November 2014 and accepted on 06 January 2015



The main objective of this study was to investigate the fermentation efficacy of Long Chain Fatty Acids (LCFA) containing wastewater by acidogenic microorganisms. The digestibility of the wastes were evaluated up to 120 h using batch anaerobic digestion tests performed in serum bottles with acclimatized anaerobic acidogenic microorganisms at 28?2 ?C. The breakdown of various organic constituents resulted in decrease of 62% COD, 72% TOC and 87% sulphate and release of wide range of fermentation metabolites resulted in 29% increase in VFA. In the initial start up hydrolytic phase, the value of redox potential (Eh) was -65mV and in the second fermentative phase it reached up to -242mV within a short retention time of 24 h. In the process of acidogenic fermentation the extracellular Eh reached a maximum of -410mV at 72 h and was maintained throughout the batch digestion.

Keywords : Acidogenic Fermentation, Long Chain Fatty Acids, Wastewater.