Journal of Pure and Applied Microbiology, Vol. 10 No. 4,

Essam J. Alyamani1*, Anamil M. Khiyami2, Rayan Y. Booq1, Fayez S. Bahwerth3, Benjamin Vaisvil4, Daniel P. Schmitt4 and Vinayak Kapatral4
Genome Sequence and Comparative Pathogenic Determinants of Multidrug Resistant Uropathogenic Escherichia coli O25b:H4, A Clinical Isolate from Saudi Arabia
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2475-2484

Balogun Wasiu Gbolahan1*, Adebayo Ismail Abiola1, Jahangir Kamaldin1, Mohammad Ayaz Ahmad2 and Maria S. Atanassova3
Accession in Centella asiatica; Current Understanding and Future Knowledge
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2485-2494

Dudi Hardianto*, Juwartina Ida Royani, and Anna Safarrida
Cephalosporin C Acylase from Microbes for One-step Enzymatic Transformation of Cephalosporin C to 7-Aminocephalosporanic Acid
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2495-2499

S.A. Mat1, I.S. Mohd Daud1, M.H. Mohamad Rojie1, N. Hussain1 and Y. Rukayadi1,2*
Effects of Candida sp. and Blastobotrys sp. Starter on Fermentation of Cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) Beans and Its Antibacterial Activity
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2501-2510

Meizi Piao1, Jian Liu1, Qing Liu2, Il-Doo Kim3, Sanjeev Kumar Dhungana4, Jeong-Ho Kim5, Hye-Ryun Kim6 and Dong-Hyun Shin4*
Development of Antioxidative Soy Sauce Fermented with Enzymatic Hydrolysates of Eupolyphaga sinensis
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2511-2519

Enas N. Danial1,2* and Maha I. Alkhalf1
Purification and Characterization of Phytase from Novel Slated Bacillus cereus EME 48 and Study its Kinetic Properties
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2521-2529

Punyisa Charirak1, Weerasak Saksirirat1,2*, Sanun Jogloy3 and Suwita Saepaisan1,2
Integration of Soil Solarization with Chemical and Biological Control of Stem Rot Disease of Jerusalem Artichoke
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2531-2539

Fatemeh Siahmoshteh1, Zohreh Hamidi-Esfahani1* and Mehdi Razzaghi-Abyaneh2
Antifungal Activity, Biodegradation and Production Inhibition of Aflatoxins B1 and G1 by a Soil Isolate of Bacillus subtilis against Aspergillus parasiticus NRRL 2999
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2541-2549

Laina Benlatef1, Metawee Malinee2, Benja Norrapong2, Suwanna Cowawintaweewat2 and Anek Pootong2
Inhibitory Activities of Herbal Based Toothpaste on Germ Tube and Adhesion of Candida albicans
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2551-2556

Nadjia Benhamed1,2, Gautier Philippe3, Mezouar Ismahene1, Donnio Pièrre Yves3 and Kihal Mebrouk2
Multilocus Sequence and spa Typing for Characterization of Staphylococcus aureus Methicillin-Sensitive Isolated From Bovine Mastitis Cases in Algeria Dairy Farms
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2557-2562

I Tello1*, E. Montiel1, O. Romero2, E. Nava1 and I. Leon3
Comparative Mycelial Growth of Pleurotus djamor and Pleurotus ostreatus in Culture Media
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2563-2568

E- Chavez-Bravo1, AIA Alonso-Calderon2, L. Sanchez-Calvario3, E. Castaneda-Roldan1, E. Vidal Robles2 and G. Salazar-Robles4
Characterization of the Degradation Products from the Red Dye 40 by Enterobacteria
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2569-2575

Yasser Abdullah Al- Hajjaj1, Rashead Musa Al-ssum1, Omar H. M. Shair1, Ejaz Askari2 and Ashraf Atef Hatamleh3
Screening of Antenatal Lower Genital Tract Infection in Women of Saudi Arabia for Preventing Preterm Birth and Low Birth Weight using PCR Techniques
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2577-2583

John Osei Sekyere*, Usha Govinden and Sabiha Yusuf Essack
Comparison of Existing Phenotypic and Genotypic Tests for the Detection of NDM and GES Carbapenemase- Producing Enterobacteriaceae
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2585-2591

Sahar Wefky Mostafa Hassan
Antibacterial, Anticoagulant and Anti-inflammatory Activities of Marine Bacillus cereus S1
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2593-2606

Solís Pérez, Ofelia1, Castillo Gutiérrez, Antonio2, Peña Chora, Guadalupe3; Alvear García Andrés 4; Serrano Morales, Miguel Mizraim5; Suárez Rodríguez Ramón1; Hernández Velázquez, Víctor Manuel1*
Pathogenicity, Virulence and the Interaction of Metarhizium anisopliae and Beauveria bassiana against Phyllophaga vetula (Coleoptera: Melolonthidae)
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2607-2612

Ikram Medjaoui*1, Bouabdellah Rahmani2, Malika Talhi1, Fatima Zohra Mahammi1, Fatima Zohra Moghtit1, Nadhira Mehtar1 and Semir Bechir Suheil Gaouar1,3
Isolation and Characterization of Lactic Acid Bacteria from Human Milk and Newborn Feces
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2613-2620

Mohammad Darvishi1 and Syyedeh Soma Sadeghi2*
Evaluation of Association of Helicobacter Pylori Infection and Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) among CCU Patients
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2621-2626

I.K. Biriukova1,2*, A.B. Shevelev2, M.V. Zylkova2, V.N. Trifan3, A.A. Lebedeva2, A.V. Belyakova4, E.E. Kulikov1 and A.V. Letarov1
Secrening Producer of Truncated Bacillus anthracis Protective Antigen in Bacillus subtilis
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2627-2632

Davoud Nassiri, Vadood Razavilar* and Abasali Motalebi
Detection of Campylobacter Species in Poultry Meat and Edible Offal’s In Western Azerbaijan Province
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2641-2646

M Rasekhian1, P Hadadi1, F Mirzaei2 and O Tavallaei1*
Assessment of Prokaryotic Signal Peptides for Secretion of Tumor Necrosis Factor Related Apoptosis Inducing Ligand (TRAIL) in E. coli: An in silico Approach
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2647-2653

Masjedi Mansoor1, Zand Farid2, Sabetian Golnar3, Maghsoudi Behzad4 and Savaie Mohsen*5
Early Replacement of Conventional Endotracheal Tube with Endotracheal Tube with Subglottic Suction port for the new Intensive Care Patients; Preventive or Problematic against Ventilator Associated Events?
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2655-2662

Mohammad Darvishi*
Antibiotic Resistance Pattern of Uropathogenic Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus Isolated from Immunosuppressive Patients with Pyelonephritis
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2663-2667

Roya Torabizadeh1,2*,Gita Eslami2, Mohammad Hossein Dehghantarzejani3, Zahra Zahirnia2 and Malihe Habibi2
The Prevalence of Neisseria gonoroheae among Iranian Women by Phenotyping and Genotyping Methods
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2669-2672

Mirza Zaheer Baig* and M Dharmadhikari Smita
Process Optimization of Ethanol Production from Cotton Stalk Hydrolysate using Co Culture of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Pachysolen tannophilus
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2673-2686

Dolamani Amat, Livleen Shukla* and Surender Singh
Bioprospecting of Xylanolytic Fungi Isolated from Degraded Corn Cobs for Xylooligosaccharides (XOs) Production
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2687-2696

S.S.Wagh, A. P. Suryawanshi and P. G. Chavan
Cultural, Morphological and Pathogenic Variability in Different Isolates of Alternaria carthami of Safflower from Different Geographical Regions of Maharashtra
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2697-2706

Alavala Uma Rajshekhar1, R. Subhash Reddy1 and P. Chandrasekhar Rao2
Impact of Microbial Cultures on Soil Biological Quality and Growth of Spinach Grown in Polluted Soils
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2707-2715

Pankaj Prakash Verma*, Sanjana Thakur and Mohinder Kaur
Antagonism of Pseudomonas putida Against Dematophora nectarix A Major Apple Plant Pathogen and Its Potential Use as a Biostimulent
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2717-2726

R. Gireesh Kumar1, A. Vijaya Gopal2, R. Subhash Reddy1, CH. V. Durga Rani3, S.Triveni1 and K. Damodara Chari1
Molecular Diversity of Organophosphorus Degrading Bacteria from Different Field Soils
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2727-2733

T Prameela Devi1, Deeba Kamil1, Ravi Mehndiratta2, N. Prabhakaran1 and R Sudeep Toppo1
Molecular and Morphological Diversity of Rhizoctonia bataticola Causing Dry Root Rot Disease from India
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2735-2745

Prachi Singh* and Yogendra Singh
Evaluation of Inoculation Methods and Standardization of Erwinia chrysanthemi Inoculum Concentration for Germplasm Screening against Stalk Rot in Sorghum
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2747-2752

Shakshi Singh* and Asha Sinha
Evaluation of Seed-borne Mycoflora of Rice (Oryza sativa L.) by the Effect of Storage Length on Fungal Invasion Under Different Storage Technique
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2753-2761

Santosh Anand, Chand Ram Grover* and Arun Beniwal
Evaluation of Ocimum sanctum Essential Oil as Potential Preservative for Fermented Dairy Products
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2763-2771

D. Rakshith Roshan*, S.V.S. Raju and K.N. Singh
Relative Efficacy of Acetamirpid + Fipronil Combination Formulation Against BPH (Nilaparvata lugens Stal ) & GLH (Nephotettix virscens Distant) in Rice
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2773-2782

Tarun Kumar Jatwa, KT Apet, SS Wagh, KS Sayyed, KB Rudrappa and SP Sornapriya
Evaluation of Various Agro-Wastes for Production of Pleurotus spp. (P. florida, P. sajor-caju and P. eous)
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2783-2792

Niranjan Prakashrao Patil1*, Avinash D. Bholay2, Balu P. Kapadnis3 and Vishwas B. Gaikwad2
Biodegradation of Model Azo Dye Methyl Red and other Textile Dyes by Isolate Bacillus circulans NPP1
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2793-2800

Ashok Kumar Malav*, Indu, B.A. Monpara and Satyendra S. Raghuwanshi
Selection Indices for Yield Improvement in Bread Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2801-2805

Suma C. Kammar, Ravindra C. Gundappagol, Shubha S., Santhosh, G. P. and Ravi, M. V.*
In Vitro Screening of Potassium Solubilizing Potential (Efficiency) of Bacteria
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2815-2819

T. Lurthu Reetha1, J. Johnson Rajeswar2, T.J. Harikrishnan3, K. Sugumar4, P. Srinivasan5 and J.John Kirubaharan6
Assessment of Immune Response Against Newcastle Disease Oral Pellet Vaccine in Desi Chicken by ELISA Test
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2821-2826

Shiv Bahadur1*, S.K. Verma1, Surajyoti Pradhan1, Lala Ram1, R.N. Maurya2 and S.P. Maurya3
Effect of Row Arrangements on Quality and Nutrient Dynamics of Linseed (Linum usitatissimum l.) + Dwarf Field Pea (Pisum sativum l.) Intercropping Association in Irrigated Condition
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2827-2833

M.E Shilpa and G. P. Brahmaprakash
Amendment of Carrier with Organic Material for Enhancing Shelf life of Microbial Consortium
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2835-2842

K. Ragul, K. Sundar and Prathapkumar H. Shetty*
Isolation of Histamine Forming Bacteria and Quantification of Histamine from Fermented Mango Pickle
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2843-2848

N Rani and Yashoda R. Hegde
In vitro and In vivo Management of Root Rot/Wilt of Fenugreek Through Biological and Chemical Methods
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2849-2856

Neha Sharma1, A.V. Dahiphale2 and G.S. Ghorpade1
Integrated Nitrogen Management in Direct Seeded Upland Rice Under Vertisole of Maharashtra (Oryza sativa L.)
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2857-2861

Ally C. Antony1,2*, Mini K. Paul2, Reshma Silvester1, Aneesa P.A.1, Suresh K.1, Divya P.S.1, Simmy Paul3, Fathima P.A.4 and Mohamed Hatha Abdulla1
Comparative Evaluation of EMB Agar and Hicrome E. coli Agar for Differentiation of Green Metallic Sheen Producing Non E. coli and Typical E. coli Colonies from Food and Environmental Samples
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2863-2870

Shweta Kumari, H.A. Prameela and Manjunath S. Hurakadli
Chemical Managament of China Aster (Callistephus chinensis L Nees.) Phyllody Disease
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2871-2874

G. Elaiyaraja1, K. Dhama*2, M. Asokumar2, M. Palanivelu2, Yashpal S. Malik3, Swati Sachan1, M. Gopi4, Narayanan Krishnaswamy5 and Deepak Kumar6
Effect of Aloe vera Gel Extract on the Haematological Parameters in White Leghorn Chicks Vaccinated Against Infectious Bursal Disease Virus
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2875-2882

Manjunath S. Hurakadli, K.T. Rangaswamy and Shweta Kumari
Virus - Vector Relationships of Yellow Mosaic Virus and Whitefly (Bemisia tabaci) in Ridge Gourd
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2883-2888

Mansi Srivastava¹, Sushma Ahlawat²and Manoj Kumawat3
Isolation, Partial Purification and Assessment of the Antimicrobial Activity of a Peptide from the Flowers of Catharanthus roseus (White Flower) and (Pink Flower)
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2889-2893

G. Sangeetha#, P. Srinivas, H.S. Singh, B. Debasish and L.K. Bharathi
Fruit and Vine Rot of Pointed Gourd (Trichosanthes dioica Roxb.) as Influenced by Planting Systems and Weather Parameters in East Coast Region of India
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2895-2900

Tarun Kumar, Suresh Chandra, Ankit Singh and Yogendra Singh
Storage and Packaging Dependent Physical Properties of Tomatoes
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2901-2907

M Abdul Kareem, M. H. Tatagar, Krishna D. Kurubetta, Dileepkumar Masuthi and Waseem. M. A
Evaluation of Bio-Efficacy and Phytotoxicity of Chlorothalonil 75 % WP Against Fruit Rot of Chilli
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2909-2911

Pratibha Kumari1, 2, Babloo Sharma3*, Reena Kumari4 and B.R. Murya2
Soil Microbial Dynamics as Influenced by Organic Amendments in Alluvium Soil of Indo-Gangetic Plains, India
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2919-2924

Kiran Hingonia, Ramesh Kumar Singh, Ram Narayan Meena*, H.P. Verma1 and Rajendra Prasad Meena2
Effect of Mulch and Irrigation Levels on Yield and Quality of Barley (Hardeum vulgare L.)
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2925-2930

Dujeshwer Kurrey1, Rajendra Lakpale1 and Rahul Singh Rajput2
Growth Behavior, Nodulation and Rhizobium Population, as Affected by Combined Application of Herbicide and Insecticide In Soybean (Glycine max. L.)
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2931-2935

Indu*, R. Niyaria, S. S. Raghuwanshi and A. Saxena
Selection Indices for Yield Componentsin Mung Bean (Vigna radiata (L.) R. Wilczek) during Summer Season
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2937-2941

MV Hareesh1, R Ganesha Naik1, MH Tatagar3, K Jayalakshmi1, T Basavaraj Naik2 and S Pradeep4
Field Evaluation of Chilli Genotypes for Resistance to Powdery Mildew Caused By Leveillula taurica (Lev.) Arn
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2943-2947

Prem Shankar1, Prem Naresh1, S.K. Biswas1, Santosh Kumar2*, Amarendra Kumar2 and Erayya2
Integrated Effect of Oil Cakes, Bioagent and Nematicide on Root Knot Namatode and Root Nodulation in Lentil
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2949-2955

R.S. Netam1, R.K.S. Tiwari2 and A.N. Bahadur3
In vitro and in vivo Efficacy of Plant Extract against Pyricularia grisea Causing Finger Millet Blast Disease
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2957-2962

K.N. Prabhu,* R. Manoj and N. Earanna
Jelly Mushrooms Documented from Western Ghats of Karnataka (India)
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2963-2967

Pushpa Singh1 and R.N. Singh2
Evaluation of Acaricides and Botanicals Against the Vegetable Mite Tetranychus Neocaledonicus André On Brinjal Crop Under Laboratory And Field Conditions
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2969-2974

M Ashwini* and Nikhita Desai
Biopreservation of Guava By Plant Extracts
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2975-2980

M. B. Zala, P. K. Borad, T. M. Bharpoda*, J. B. Bhut and N. A. Bhatt
Bio-Efficacy of Agro Clean, A Bioproduct Against Sucking Insect Pests of Bt Cotton
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2981-2987

P.P. Goswami*, N.S.Prasad and D. Kumar
Expression of a Gene Encoding 30.7 kDa protein of Mycobacterium avium subsp. Paratuberculosis in E.coli
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2989-2995

Vishal Kumar1*, Sweta Singh2, Suresh Chandra2, B.R. Singh2 and Anuj Yadav3
Effect of Microbial Growth on Dehydrated Tomato Powder During difeerent Drying Conditions
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2997-3002

D.B. Santhosh, K. Nandini and N. Earanna*
Ethno-mycological Survey and Molecular Identification of Mushrooms in the Shimoga Region of the Western Ghats of Karnataka (India)
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 3003-3007

Snehel Chakravarty1*, Tanusa Bera2, Meena Agnihotri2 and Jaba Jagdish3
Screening of Short Duration Pigeonpea [Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp.] Genotypes against Major Insect Pests
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 3009-3016

B. Ramanujam, S. Renuka, B. Poornesha and A.N. Shylesha
Electron Microscopic Studies for Confirmation of Endophytic Colonization of Beauveria bassiana in Maize
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 3017-3021

V M Srinivasan, M Daniel Jebaraj and A S Krishnamoorthy
Induction of Resistance against Late Blight Disease on Potato by Azoxystrobin and Chaetoglobosin Biomolecules
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 3023-3028

Gaurav1*, SK Verma2, RK Meena2, VK Verma1 and RN Meena1
Effect of Cultural and Chemical Weed Management Practices on Yield, Economics and Nutrient Uptake Under Zero-till Direct Seeded Rice (Oryza sativa L.)
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 3029-3034

Om Prakash Patidar1*, Chirag Gautam2, Girish Tantuway3, Sunil Kumar1, Ashok Yadav1 , Dharam Singh Meena2 and Arvind Nagar1
RNA-guided Genome editing tool CRISPR-Cas9: its Applications and Achievements in Model and Crop Plants
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 3035-3042

Suresh Patil, V.B. Nargund, Gurupad Balol, Santoshreddy Machenahalli, A.S.Byadgi and S. Ravichandra
Molecular Variability of Causal Agents of Twister Disease of Onion
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 3043-3049

Maneesh Kumar1, Avinash Kumar Rai1, Sumit Rai1*, Priyanka Rani1 and Mohsina Anjum1
Effect of Integrated Nutrient Management on Physico-chemical Soil Properties Under Rice Crop in Hot Sub Humid Ecoregion of Middle Gangetic Plains Of India
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 3051-3056

R.S. Kalasare*, M.V.Patel, H.K.Patel, S.P Kadu, A.P. Patel and A.A.Umale
Role of Integrated Nutrient Management on Growth Attributes, yield Attributes and Seed Yield of Rabi Fennel (Foeniculum Vulgare Mill.) in Middle Gujarat Condition
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 3057-3062

Om Prakash Godara1, B.L. Kakralya1, *Sunil Kumar2, Vikram Kumar2 and Rajesh Kumar Singhal3
Influence of Sowing Time, Varieties and Salicylic Acid Application on Different Physiological Parameters of Indian Mustard (Brassica juncea L)
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 3063-3069

Dipti Rai1, R.K. Pandey2, Ajay Kumar Maurya1, D. C. Rai2, Dilip Kumar2* and Manju Tiwari1
Characterization and Antioxidant Property of Cereal Enriched Bio-yoghurt
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 3071-3078

Stanzin Dorjey, Vishal Gupta*, V. K. Razdan and Richa Sharma
Evaluation of Pseudomonas fluorescens Isolates for their Bio-control Potential against Soil Borne Disease of Tomato
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 3079-3085

Mukesh Kumar Sheshama1, M. Sree Rekha1, Sunil Kumar*2, R.N. Meena2 and Vikram Kumar2
Influence of Different Sowing Dates and Varieties on Seed Quality of Soybean in Coastal Andhra Pradesh
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 3087-3091

Surya Kant1, Achin Kumar1*, Satendra Kumar1, Vipin Kumar2, Yogesh Pal2 and Anil. K. Shukla2
Effect of Rhizobium, PSB and P-levels on Growth, Yield Attributes and Yield of Urdbean (Vigna mungo L.)
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 3093-3098

Mukesh Kumar Sahu*, T.Tirkey, G. Sharma, A. Tiwari and T. Kushram
Effect of Foliar Application of Micronutrients on Growth and Flower Production of Gerbera Under Protected Condition
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 3099-3103

MV Hareesh1, R Ganesha Naik1, K Jayalakshmi1, T Basavaraj Naik2 and S Pradeep3
Efficacy of Bioagents, Plant Extracts and Fungicides against Chilli Powdery Mildew incited by Leveillula taurica (Lev.) Arn
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 3105-3109

K.B. Rudrappa1, A.P. Suryawanshi, N.D. Punitkumar., J.K. Ganesh3, Kumar Lambani3 and Roop Singh1
Cultural and Biochemical Characterization of Ralstonia solanacearum Causing Bacterial wilt in Tomato
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 3111-3115

Richa Kumari1* and Akash P. Nikoshe2
Effect of Different Hosts on Developmental Characteristics of Green Lacewings Chrysoperla carnea (Stephens)
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 3117-3121

Anuj Bansal *and Mohammad Shahid
Pathobio-molecular Identification of Trichoderma sp.
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 3123-3130

Bulti Nayak1, Satarupa Roy1, Abhijit Mitra2, Madhumita Roy1*
Isolation of Multiple Drug Resistant and Heavy Metal Resistant Stenotrophomonas maltophila strain BN1, a Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria, from Mangrove Associate Ipomoea pes-caprae of Indian Sundarbans
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 3131-3139

VS Shinde1, KS Raghuwanshi2, AV Suryawanshi1 and RM Naik3
Biochemical Characterisation and Responses of Resistant and Susceptible Groundnut Genotypes to Late Leaf Spot (Phaeoisariopsis personata (Berk. and Curt.) Von Arx.)
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 3141-3150

Yogendra Singh, Samsher, Suresh Chandra, Akash Tomar, Ankit Singh and Pinkoo Singh
Effect of Enzyme Treatment on Physicochemical Properties of Guava Wine Produced using S. Cerevisiae 1035 Strain and Native Strain
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 3151-3154

NS Sowmya, K Nandini, N Earanna#, RS Sajeevan* and Karaba N. Nataraja*
Molecular Identification and Genetic Diversity of Lactobacillus Species Isolated from Different Edible Sources
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 3155-3162

Ritika Pathak1, Abhishek Sharma1, Anurup Adak2, Satyawati Sharma1* and Rajendra Prasad1
Role of Jatropha curcas Deoiled Cake as Substrate for the Production of Cellulases and Xylanase and Additive in Vermicomposting of Kitchen Waste
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 3163-3172

Mausam1, P K Ray1, A Dey1, S mohanty1, P Kaushik2, Anjay2, Manju Sinha3 and S K Gupta1*
Isolation, Identification and Antibiotic Sensitivity Profiling of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus from Bovine Milk in Bihar
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 3183-3188

Sheetal Rana1, Ranjna Sharma2, Y P Sharma2 and Mohinder Kaur3
Isolation and Characterization of Novel Apple Rhizosphere Bacterium as Fungal Antagonist
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 3189-3193

S.S.M.Umamageswari1, Neelusree Prabhakaran1, Kalyani Mohanram1 and A.S.Shameem Banu2
A Study to Compare the Presence of Virulence Factors Gelatinase, Haemolysin, Enterococcal Surface Protein (esp) and Biofilm Formation Among Clinical and Commensal Isolates of Enterococcus Species
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 3195-3200

M. F. Elkady1,2, Soha Farag3* and Ahmed M. Haddad3
Evaluation of Novel Synthesized Magnetic Bacterial Bio-composite Material for Lead Bioremediation
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 3201-3212

Seideh Madineh Ghasemnegad1*,Hamideh Hakimi2 and Maryam Alsadat Motahari3
Studying the Relationship Between Leisure Time Activities and Depression in Nursing Students
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 3213-3219

Sonali L. Parekh, Smitha Balakrishnan, Amitkumar Jain and K. D. Aparnathi
Storage Stability and Chemical Constituents of Cultured Buttermilk Prepared by Incorporation of Paneer Whey
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 3221-3230

Renu1*, Pramod Kumar Sahu1, Upasana Sahu1, Manish S Bhoyar1, Munish Kumar2, Udai Bhan Singh1 and R K Pathak2
Ecological Success of Compatible Microbes in Consortia Isolated from Rice Rhizosphere for Growth and Yield of Mung Bean (Vigna radiata L.)
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 3231-3239

Manoj Kumar Maurya, Mukesh Srivastva, Sonika Pandey, Mohd.Shahid and Ved Ratan
Protein Profiling and Biochemical Analysis of Chickpea Seedling Treated with T. viride (49CP)
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 3241-3247

Girish Tantuway, Shreekant S. Patil, Hanamaraddi Kencharaddi, Aman Tigga and Vinayak Edke
Estimation of Heritability for Seed Cotton Yield in Cotton Based on Regression Approach
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 3249-3252

Pallabi Pati, H.K. Khuntia, M S Bal and M.R. Ranjit*
Optimization and Testing of LAMP assay for Diagnosis of Malaria
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 3253-3256

Zeinab Rostami1, Muhammad Ayaz Ahmad2*, Muhammad Usman Khan3, Abhay Prakash Mishra4, Shilan Rashidzadeh5 and Mohammad Ali Shariati6
Food Preservation by Hurdle Technology: A Review of Different Hurdle and Interaction with Focus on Foodstuffs
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2633-2639

Jay Prakash Yadav1, Suresh Chandra Das*2, Pankaj Dhaka1, Deepthi Vijay3, Manesh Kumar1, Pranav Chauhan4, Rahul Singh5, Kuldeep Dhama5, S.V.S Malik1 and Ashok Kumar1
Isolation, Genotyping and Antibiogram Profile of Clostridium perfringens Isolates Recovered from Freshwater Fish and Fish Products from Kolkata Region
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2807-2814

Venkataramireddy Balena1, Shailesh Kumar Patel1*, Rakesh Kumar1, Jigyasa Rana2, Aditya Agrawal3, Shailendra Singh1 and Rajendra Singh1
Recent Trends in Spontaneous Cases of Hemorrhagic Septicemic Diseases of Bovines
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 2913-2917

Neelusree Prabhakaran1, S.S.M.Umamageswaria1, Muthumari2, and Kalyani Mohan1
Prevalence of Candidial Infections with their Antifungal Susceptibility Pattern in a Tertiary Care Hospital
Volume 10 No. 4 Page No. 3173-3181
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